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Glossary - N

Named Cargo Types

Various types of containers such as automobile (car) containers, livestock containers and others, are built in general accordance with ISO container requirements either solely or primarily for the carriage of a named cargo. Type code numbers have been allocated to cattle carriers (85) and automobile carriers (86) and spare numbers exist for other "named cargo types".

Narrow Body

An aircraft with one corridor, such as a DC-9 and a Boeing 737.


The act of determining position, location and course to the destination of an aircraft or a vessel.

Nedlloyd Flowmasterssm

A total transportation service package offered by the Royal Nedlloyd Group to shippers and their customers, encompassing ocean, land and air logistic services made avilable in a linked, total comprehensive format.

Nedlloyd Private Telecommunications Universal Network

Abbreviation: Neptune.

A worldwide corporate communication infrastructure, available for all Nedlloyd companies.


Imprudent action or omission which may cause injury, damage or loss.


A document is negotiable if its holder is entitled to take possession of the goods.


See Nedlloyd Private Telecommunications Universal Network.

Net Weight

The weight of the goods, excluding all packing.

Network Planning System

A technique for making a time schedule for the implementation of a project.

Non-I.A.T.A. Member

An airline company which is not a member of I.A.T.A., but which may work on terms of I.A.T.A. as an interline partner.

Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier

Abbreviation: N.V.O.C.C.

A party who undertakes to carry goods and issued in his own name. A Bill of Lading for such carriage, without having the availability of any own means of transport.

Normal Charge

The specified general cargo rate without any quantity discount (aircargo).

Normal General Cargo Rate

The under 45 kgs. rate or, if no under 45 kgs. rate exists, the under 100 kgs. rate (aircargo). Synonym: Normal Rate.

Normal Rate

See Normal General Cargo Rate.

Notice of Readiness

1) Written document or telex issued by the master to the charterers advising as soon as a vessel is ready to load or discharge.
2) Document advising a consignee or his agent that cargo has arrived and is ready for delivery.

Notify Address

Address of the party other than the consignee to be advised of the arrival of the goods.

Notify Party

The party to be notified of arrival of goods.


See Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier.