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Glossary - O


Contracting work carried out at sea, e.g. drilling for oil.

Oil Bulk Ore Vessel

Abbreviation: O.B.O.-vessel.

A vessel, designed for the carriage of either dry or liquid bulk cargo.


The carriage of goods to the place of destination after discharge from the main means of transport.

On-Line Charge

The charge which applies to carriage over the lines of a single carrier (aircargo). Synonyms: Local Charge, Local Rate, On-line Rate

On-Line Rate

See On-Line Charge.

One Way Pallet

See Disposable Pallet. Note: The addivion "one way" has nothing to do with the number of pallet sided in which the forks of e.g. a fork lift can enter, as opposed to the two and four way pallets.


Aperture closed by a movable or removable panel of a container designed as a load bearing structure and also to be weatherproof and reasonably airtight. Note: The term "open" is description apllied where one or more of the sides, ends or the roof is permanently open. This description is still applicable even when flexible covers are provided.

Open Order

See Backlog.

Open Sided Container

Shipping container with frames with wire-mesh at the sides covered by means of a tarpaulin which can be dropped down to give unrestricted access to the sides of the container for leading or discharging.

Open Top Container

A freight container similar in all respect to a general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but may have a flexible and movable or removable cover, for example one made of canvas or plastic or reinforced plastic material normally supported on movable or removable roof bows.

Operating Efficiency

A ratio of the actual output of a piece of equipment, department, or plant as compared to the planned or standard output.

Operations Research

The development and application of quantitative techniques to the solution of problems. More specifically, theory and methodology in mathematics, statistics, and computing are adapted and applied to the identification, formulation, solution, validation, implementation and control of decision making problems.


Achieving the best possible solution to a problem in terms of a specified objective function.

Optional Cargo

Cargo of which the final destination is not known at the moment of booking but will be indicated during the transport.

Optional Port

A port of which it is not known whether or not it will be called by a vessel during a voyage.

Out of Gauge Cargo

Cargo which dimensions are exceeding the normal dimensions of a 20 or 40 feet container, e.g. overlength, overwidth, overheight.


A carrier, which operates on a route served by a liner conference but which is not a member of that conference.

Outturn Report

Written statement by a stevedoring company in which the condition of cargo discharged from a vessel is noted along with any discrepancies in the quantity compared with the vessel s manifest.

Over Pivot Rate

The rate per kilogram to be charged for the over pivot weight (aircargo).

Over Pivot Weight

The weight in excess of the pivot weight (aircargo).


A carrier who carries cargo beyond the allotment distributed to him.

Overheight Cargo

Cargo, exceeding the standard height.

Overlength Cargo

Cargo, exceeding the standard length.


A unit used by a single shipper to contain one or more packages and to form one handling unit for convenience of handling and stowage. Dangerous goods packaged contained in the overpack must be properly packed, marked, labelled and in proper condition as required by the Regulations regarding dangerous goods (aircargo).


Work beyond normal established working hours which usually requires a premium to be paid to the employees concerned.

Overwidth Cargo

Cargo, exceeding the standard width.


The legal owner of cargo.

Owner's Code

See Container Prefix.