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Glossary - V

Valuable Cargo

A consignment which contains one or more valuable articles (aircargo).

Valuation Charge

Transport charges for certain goods, based on the value declared for the carriage of such goods (aircargo).

Value Added Tax

Abbreviation: V.A.T.

A from of indirect sales taxes paid on products and services at each state of production or distribution, based on the value added at the stage and included in the cost to the ultimate customer.

Value Surcharge

A surcharge for the carriage of cargo having a value in excess of a specified amount per kilogram (aircargo).




See Stuffing.


See Value Added Tax.






An outlet of any kind, commonly small, for the passage of some fluid or gas out of a confined space.

Vent Hole

One or more openings in a drum, barrel, etc. for air circulation or to equalize air pressures to facilitate the pouring of liquids.

Ventilation Holes

Die-cut holes provide for passage of air through a container.

Very Large Crude Carrier

Abbreviation: V.L.C.C.

A vessel designed for the carriage of liquid cargo in bulk with a loading capacity from 50.000 till 250.000 D.W.T.


1) A floating structure designed for the transport of cargo and or passengers. Synonym: Ship.
2) Boiler, drum.

Vibration - Transportation

The alternating transfer of energy between its potential kinetic forms. It is caused by the elasticity of the rail, the nonuniformities in the surface and discontinuities at the rail joints.


See Very Large Crude Carrier.


An open area in a load, either lengthwise or crosswise.


Size or measure of anything in three dimensions.

Volume Charge

A charge for carriage of goods based on their volume (aircargo).


A receipt, entry or other document which establish the accounts.


A journey from one place, port or country to another one or, in case of a round trip, to the same one. Synonym: Trip.

Voyage Charter

A contract under which the shipowner agrees to carry an agreed quantity of cargo from a specified port or ports to another port or ports for a remuneration called freight, which is calculated according to the quantity of cargo loaded, or sometimes at a lumpsum freight.

Voyage Number

Reference number assigned by the carrier of his agent to the voyage of the vessel.