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Glossary - U


See Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer.


See Ultra Large Crude Carrier.


See Unit Load Device.


Free space above a liquid contained in a tank, drum or tankcontainer, expressed as a percentage of the total capacity. Ullage is often used to leave room for possible expension of the liquid.

Note: Termonoligy and definitions related to dry bulk containers are under study.

Ultra Large Crude Carrier

Abbreviation: U.L.C.C.

A vessel designed for the carriage of liquid cargo in bulk with a loading capacity from 250.000 till 500.000 D.W.T.

Unaccompanied Baggage

Luggage not accompanied by a passenger.


See United Nations Conference on Trade And Development.


1) A supporting frame or structure of a sheeled vehicle.
2) The landing gear of an aircraft.

U.N.D.G. Number

See United Nations Dangerous Goods Number.


See United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer

Abbreviation: U.I.C.

International rairway union, in which most of the European national railway companies are united.

Unit Load

A number of individual packages bonded, palletised or strapped together to form a single unit for more efficient handling by mechanical equipment.

Unit Load Device

Abbreviation: U.L.D.

1) Any type of container or pallet, in which a consignment can be transported by air whether or not such a container is considered aircraft equipment.
2) Any type of air freight container, aircraft container, aircraft pallet with a net, or aircraft pallet with a net over an igloo.

United Nations Conference on Trade And Development.

Abbreviation: U.N.C.T.A.D.

A United Nations agency whose work in shipping includes the liner code involving the sharing of cargoes between the shipping lines of the importing and exporting countries and third countries in the ration 40:40:20.

United Nations Dangerous Goods Number

Abbreviation: U.N.D.G. Number.

The four digit number assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods to classify a substance or a particular groups of substances. Note: The prefix "UN" must always be used in conjunction with these numbers.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Abbreviation: U.N.E.C.E.

The UN/ECE is one of a number of Economic and Social Commissions established by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Despite its name it embraces both Europe and North America. The UN/ECE comprises twenty nine core member states, as well as any country which is a member of the United Nations and which applies under Article 11 of the United Nations constitution for delegate status. The aim is to advance the economic development of Europe and associated countries through trade facilitation and common agreements.

United Nations Layout Key

Abbreviation: U.N.L.K.

A standard (ISO 6422) which lays down the basic principles for the design of the image area on documents for use in international trade. Synonym: Layout Key.


See United Nations Layout Key.

United Nations Standard Message

Abbreviation. U.N.S.M.

A collection of structured date that is exchanged to convey information realted to a specific transaction between partners engaged in electronic data interchange. Messages are composed of logically grouped segments required for the type of message transaction covered. Note: A set of segments in the order specified in a message directory starting with the message header and ending with the message trailer (ISO 9735).


See United Nations Standard Message.